Sourcing and New Product Development

Based on the requirements and needs of our partners, our team researches, analyzes, designs, compares and through many potential proposals, selects and proposes the most appropriate and effective but also the most original and innovative.In Stigma-com we select and cooperate with producers and external partners in Greece, Europe and Asia who are distinguished for the reliability and quality of the products and services they offer.

We ensure that the products meet the quality and safety standards set by Greek and European legislation.

We carry out inspections at all stages of the goods production, up to their delivery to our partners. Particularly important is the role of our SGS and CMA partners.

We achieve the most competitive prices through the long-term partnerships we have developed over the years.

Promotional  & Advertising Gifts

We are active for 17 years up to now and we cover all kinds of needs for promotional gifts. Such as:

• On pack
• Consumer
• Conferences
• Business
• Eco-friendly
• Customized

At Stigma-com, we suggest the most suitable solution in terms of quality, price, innovation and usability.
Then, in close collaboration with our partners and our suppliers, we tailor the finished product according to its commercial and promotional goals, taking always into account the end-user satisfaction and ensuring the necessary quality standards both of our partners and of the relevant legislation.

Products &
Packaging Redesign

Through our many years of experience in different products, packages and materials we have developed know-how that allows us to recommend:

• Improvements to existing products and packaging

• Changes and adjustments to the sizes of products to their packaging, to their colors and to some other of their features.

• Alterations and improvements to their raw materials based on quality, durability, price, appearance, fashion, usability and end-user acceptance.

P.O.P material and packaging material.

The appearance, uplifting and diversification of products in their area of sale substantiate consumers' choice over competing products.

At Stigma-com we specialize and provide customized solutions to our partners in:
· P.O.P. promotional materials
· Shelf partitions and displays•Stand accessories
· Hooks
· Handles
· Fasteners
· Product packaging of various materials
· Metallic
· Plastic
· Paper
· Thermoformed


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